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Company background checks empower Consumers to make informed choices and to combat the rising trend of unethical business practices and scams commonly associated with Interior Design Companies, Bridal Boutiques, Car Dealers, Beauty, Spa & Wellness and Investment Companies.


*Entity Name

Entity Name

*Entity Registration No.
Unique Entity Number (UEN)
*Incorporation Date
*Entity Status
Entity Status
*Former Name
Former Name (if any)
*Paid Up Capital
Paid Up Capital
**Accreditation(s) & Award(s)
Recognised by Government bodies
# Consumer Alert and/or Investor Alert
Known Consumer Alert and/or Known Investor Alert
Failure to Pay Salary
^Convicted for Infringement
Known Infringement
^^Public Shared Information 
No. of known complaints
^^Failure to Deliver Products / Services After Payment is Made
No. of known complaints
Buddy Merchant
Buddy Merchant Listing

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